Transfer Students

The English Language

IELTS is not required for the Enrollment if your academic history is instructed in English, If you are not experienced in the Medium of English, IELTS or a English test is obliged.

Transfer Students

International students with European Credit points can transfer your points to the relevant program offered or can also enroll for higher studies. Apply with us directly and upon reviewing your documents you will receive an official confirmation letter from the admission office. The tuition fees are same as the EU/EFTA graduates.

EU/EFTA Students

Admissions are open all round the year, admissions requirements may vary according to the country and previous diplomas. For applicants who have not persuaded high school diplomas, Under Graduate or equivalent certificates contact our admission department prior applying.


Transfer student & EU/EFTA applicants can also walk to us in person for applying (kindly contact and take an appointment prior visiting) tutors would guide on choosing your course (of your interest) based upon your previous academic curricular.