Nationals under condition to get a student visa to travel Switzerland

Prior applying, consult with Switzerland Embassy or Consulate in your home country and then apply for Student visa. Students should responsibly collect all the necessary information’s and documents required for visa processing requested by the Swiss embassy at your place. Sufficient time (months count approximately 1-3) will be taken for the visa processing so; it is advised for students to immediately start the process once their admission has been accepted by the school.

Make sure that you receive important documentations properly, please notify admission department on cases changes to the contact details and email address you provided during admission process.

This visa is necessary to enter Switzerland and to get the residence the permit in the canton of Aargau

Residences permit (B permit) procedure

All B permit charges are in-charge of Sevanan Business School.

On arrival to Aargau, you should register at the Citizens Registry Office Aargau within 14 days of your arrival in Switzerland in order to apply for a residence permit. You will receive the permit in 4 to 5 weeks, this residence permit is valid for one year, you can renew for extension up to your Study duration. We will assist you with all necessary documents and also to reach the office.

Residences permit (B permit) procedure for countries without condition for entry visa to Switzerland

Citizens of Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore and EU/EFTA do not require a visa to enter Switzerland however for residence permit you are obliged to register at the Citizens Registry Office at Aargauwithin 14 days of your arrival.

Most commonly asked documents for visa processing

(Complete information regarding the necessary documents to be enclosed with the form will be mentioned in the visa application form.)

  • 1. Visa application form
  • 2. Copy of your passport copy with validity of at least 12 months. (Visa will not be issued if the passport expires early.)
  • 3. Recent Passport size Photographs
  • 4. Letter of Acceptance
  • 5. Fees Payment Confirmation
  • 6. Motivation letter
  • 7. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  • 8. All educational documents
  • 9. Proof of Accommodation letter from Sevanan Business School
  • 10. Financial Statement
         (You can submit your bank statement as a Proof of sufficient finical means in order to support your stay in Switzerland for the whole program duration. As a rule you should provide the proof of having the total tuition fee amount.)
  • 11. Post Study Plan
         (You should write a letter to Swiss embassy you commit to leave Switzerland on completion of Studies)
  • 12. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)